At the end of our 2019 season our president, Charlie Wurtz, sent a short survey to our active membership. We had about 100 members respond and about half of those added comments. That is a very good response rate and helps us make good decisions for the long term success of the NSGA. Thanks to those who responded and I will summarize the results below.

First, our annual members played in an average of three events which has been consistent for the last 10 years. Those who responded to the survey played in more events.

We asked what you liked about the NSGA events and quality of courses was the leading response. You also felt the competition is fair. The meals were not as important as we thought they might be.

When we asked what we could do to make the events better, pace of play and faster scoring were the leading factors. We also heard a mixture of comments about different formats and shorter course setups.

We listed six private courses that have been in our rotation the last few years to understand your preferences. These are all outside Omaha and Lincoln and where we have struggled to get a full field. There wasn’t a noticeable difference in preference. Lochland in Hastings came out as a slight favorite.

We also asked you preferences for courses with public access. Indian Creek was the favorite, followed by Quarry Oaks. Awarii Dunes in Kearney was also mentioned.

We asked about the information booklet and 80% suggested we cancel the book and use the website exclusively.

The last question asked what you might do to help the organization. Most took the easy answer and said they would try to play in more events.

Comments: Most were pretty positive and grateful for the work of the volunteers. The most common concern was related to slow play (five-hour rounds) and the post-round scoring. A few suggested an app for faster scoring. We also heard that many of the courses were set up a little too difficult or long. We did hear specific complaints about specific courses.

This is a short summary of what we heard from you. Check back and I will update you on what changes the board will attempt to implement in 2020 to address these.