Events for 2019

The 2019 season is upon us! Remember the entry cut-off for our events is the Thursday prior to the event at 5 pm. The online system closes that event at that time and all mailed entries must be RECEIVED by that deadline. Please allow enough time for your mailed in entries, as no entries received past that time will be processed and please follow the mailing instructions on the bottom of the form. It takes an extra 2 days if you mail them to the NGA offices in Omaha instead of the NSGA in Lincoln. If in doubt, use our Online entry option to insure that you and your partner are entered.

“Hap” Gay, your NSGA Tournament Director, is your contact for event inquiries. Use this link, “Contact Us” or the email address listed at the bottom of this page, for questions or comments for him.

All NSGA weekly events are two-man Net Best Ball tournaments and the new Model Local Rule (E-5) providing an alternative to Stroke and Distance for Lost Ball or Out of Bounds will be adopted for all NSGA Events to enhance Pace of Play. If you are unfamiliar with it, please click on the short instructional video below. You must be a current member of the NSGA to enter the events.

You are welcome to sign up as an individual and we will attempt to help you find a partner.

To view our Schedule of Events and either sign up online or print entry forms to mail in, click on the “2019 Events” button below. Then you can scroll through the Schedule of Events and enter online by choosing either the “Team Entry” or “Individual Entry” buttons or the “Printable Registration Form” button if you wish to print an entry form for that event and mail in your entry.


Our 2019 Season has concluded. I would like to thank our membership for their support and we look forward to another great line-up of events next season. (The 2020 Schedule of Events will be posted as soon as it is firmed up)

Local Rule E-5 video (OB/Lost Ball)