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Event Price Increases - As you begin signing up for events, you’ll notice several clubs have increased what they charge to allow us to play. They forewarned us last year this was coming due to increases in operating costs, so it was expected. Even at the slightly higher prices we face, it’s an opportunity many of us would not otherwise have to play some of the finest courses Nebraska has to offer. We’ve slightly reduced the number of our events this year, hoping for better participation at the ones we have. At the same time, we added a couple we don’t have on our schedule every year. We’re also trying three with later start times (Businessman Specials) to allow those still working to spend a couple hours in the office before golf. Sign up and join us to show support for your organization!

On-line and Traditional Registration - This year you can continue to mail your Membership Application and dues, or you can join and pay on line. You can also register for for events either way. Simply follow the directions to make entries on line.

Recruiting Bonus - Any player who was active the previous year who recruits three new players during the current year is eligible for free entry into one weekly event. The event will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director and the free entry must be used during the year the three players were recruited. Credit can only be given if the recruiter’s name is in the “Recommended by” space at the bottom of a new player’s Membership Application.

Team Prizes - The board decided in 2018 to alter the payouts to try to make them more equitable throughout the membership. One flight of 40 or fewer teams will normally result in payouts to three gross and five net places. If we have more than 40 teams, the field will essentially be cut in half. Three gross places will still be paid, but only for the first flight. The two flights will pay four net places each. This adjustment was based on an in-depth analysis following the 2017 season. The event prize summaries showed several of the same players regularly winning the gross prize money. That’s as it should be, considering those players are the better golfers. However, most NSGA players are higher handicappers, 52% of whom played 364 rounds and never placed in a single event. These high handicappers have a very small chance, if any, of ever winning a gross payout. They would probably occasionally appreciate a little boost to their egos. Admittedly, it’s more difficult for a low handicap player to win a net prize, but his chance of winning a gross payout is considerably better.

Playing Partners and Groups - Although we don’t encourage it for several reasons, the board decided to allow participants in our weekly events to designate who you want in your group with some reasonable restrictions. If you want to designate a specific foursome, you must do it beforehand, not when you show up to play or are getting into your carts. The Tournament Director would very much appreciate your help by including both entry coupons and payment for the entire group in one envelope if you mail it. This will reduce the likelihood of groups being incorrectly set up. Also, if you mail your entries for other events, it’s a great help if you include your team coupon with both names and full payment in the same envelope. Entries for multiple events are welcome, provided it’s clear who the teams are and who’s playing together if two teams are to be a foursome.

Tee Assignments - Individuals please play the tees shown for you on your official scorecard! Playing the wrong tees results in an improper course handicap, is unfair to other participants, and is grounds for disqualification under the Rules of Golf. Members 70 years and older play from the forward tees and players under 70 use the “regular” tees. The “regular” tees may not be the course Senior tees. Both sets of tees, when possible, may be specially set for our event based on yardages provided by the Tournament Director. Which tees each group plays will be announced before the round and will be shown on the scorecards. In all cases, players playing the shorter tees will sacrifice strokes according to the USGA Handicap System.

Cancellation Policy - If the Tournament Director is notified of a cancellation at least one week in advance of the event, there will be NO cancellation fee. If notice is given one week before the event, there will be a $25 per player cancellation fee. If notice is given three days or less before the event, there will be a 50% cancellation fee. If a player/team cancels after 5 p.m. the Sunday before the event or doesn’t show up Monday, they forfeit their entry fee and no refund will be provided. These restrictions are necessary because in most cases we still must pay the host club for the final number of entries we provided for their planning purposes. As in the past, there will be exceptions for these policies (death, accidents, etc.) and these will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Late Partner Changes - Please show a little compassion for our Tournament Director. He puts a tremendous effort into setting up and completing each weekly event and he needs your cooperation. If you must make changes, notify him as soon as possible so he can make the necessary adjustments to the paperwork.

Dress Code - Players must wear appropriate golf attire at all events. We’re guests at nice clubs, so dress accordingly. Show you’re part of a classy organization.

NO tee shirts
NO jeans
NO cut-off shorts
NO tank tops

Metal spiked shoes are prohibited at all NSGA events.

2019 NSGA State Tournament - The State Tournament will be played at Yankee Hill Country Club in Lincoln Monday and Tuesday, August 26 and 27. Participants can play as individuals, as a two-man best ball team (as we play on Mondays), or both. The entry fee is $155 for an individual and $310 to enter as a team. Team members are also entered in the individual competition.

The team competition is based on 90% of the players’ handicaps. The individual competition will use 100% of the player’s handicap. The player groups will remain the same both days.

There will be three flights, based on age, but the composition of those flights will be decided after all entries are in. This will preclude one flight of 60 players and another of five, as an example, and will make the payouts more equitable. There will be both gross and net payouts for each flight. To improve more participants’ chances of winning, a player may not win both gross and net prizes. Included in your entry fee will be two days of golf, buffet in the clubhouse after Tuesday golf, and door prizes.

Participants 70 and older will automatically play the forward tees. All members under 70 will have the option to request the forward tees if your handicap index is 15 or higher, but you must check the box on the entry coupon for this to happen. In this case, the number of strokes given will be reduced according to the USGA Handicap System, the same as any other player using the forward tees. The August 15 handicap index will be used to determine your course handicap for this competition.

Foursomes (two teams) will be set by the Tournament Director. Individuals will be paired by the Tournament Director and his committee. This will make them eligible to win in either team or individual competition.

A coupon to enter the State Tournament is included as the last one in the coupon section of the “2019 Schedule of Events and Membership” booklet. The address to send it to, along with your payment, is on the coupon.

Note: On-line entries can also be made from the “Events” section of this website, using PayPal or a credit or debit card. Entry deadline is Monday, August 19, 2019.

A meal and awards ceremony will take place following play Tuesday. On Monday, the club will have food and drinks available on a cash basis at the clubhouse.

Practice rounds can be arranged the week prior to the tournament by calling the Yankee Hill Country Club Pro Shop at 402-421-1700 for a tee time.

Hole-in-One Club - There’s no charge. You’re automatically in! If a player is fortunate enough to get a hole-in-one in one of our events, he will receive $100 from the general fund. No coupons to fill out. No money to pay. Just verification from reputable witnesses so the treasurer won’t feel uneasy writing the check!

NSGA Website - As you’re now aware, is the web address for the NSGA website. It is no longer hosted or maintained on the Nebraska Golf Association website,, although it can be accessed from there by linking to “Nebraska Senior Golf Association.”

NSGA and the Rules of Golf

Many of our members have told us they play in NSGA events because we respect and play by the Rules of Golf. 2019 marked a major change in the rules for all golfers. By the time you read this, many of you have not yet played and experienced any of these changes. There are many sources like websites, booklets, YouTube and the USGA website you can find to familiarize yourself with the new rules. Since the rules are new to all of us, feel free to discuss and assist fellow players. Let’s avoid errors and violations before they happen.

Local Rule for a Ball Lost or Out of Bounds - One option the NSGA will use in all events is the local rule for Out of Bounds and Lost Ball. In all our events, if your ball is lost or out of bounds and you did not hit a provisional, you can drop in the fairway with a 2-stroke penalty. Your drop must be equidistant from the hole in reference to the estimated location of the lost ball or the point where the ball crossed the boundary edge of the course. This is not an option for balls in penalty areas or an unplayable lie. A video of this rule is available in the “Events” section of this website.

Conceding putts - We ask that no putts that have a bearing on the team net score be conceded. One partner must hole out on every hole and the score must be identifiable as his. If a score for each hole can’t be identified for the player who made it, the team is liable for disqualification. If you pick up, the safest way is to put an X for your score, or the score you likely would have made, and make sure there’s a score on that hole for your partner.

Posting Scores - Please don’t post your score for any NSGA events. The Tournament Director will post all scores through the Tournament Management software once the scores are verified. That software automatically adjusts the score for Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) so the score you had on your card may differ slightly from the posted score.

Pace of Play

The most critical feedback we get with our events is the time for the golf, the scoring and meal. We can all do a lot to make this a better experience and still not make anyone feel rushed. One slow deliberate group will affect the experience of 100 other golfers. Please help us with the following items.

Turn in Your Scorecard Immediately after Play - Before you put the clubs in the car, total up the cards and have one in your group immediately turn them all in to the scorer. Even if you had a poor day, we can’t figure and announce any results until we have all the cards with the Tournament Director.

Keep Up with the Group Ahead - There is no reason in a shotgun start that some groups finish 45 minutes sooner than others. Talk to each other about keeping up. Make the NSGA leadership aware of groups that continuously fall behind. Although it’s tempting on a great day, if you finish on hole 16, for example, don’t play holes 17 and 18 when returning to the clubhouse. Get your scorecards to the scoring location expeditiously so others don’t have to wait on your group.

Search Time - The new rules allow only 3 minutes to find your ball once you begin searching. After 3 minutes it is lost, even if you find it and you decide it’s playable. If you find it after 3 minutes and play it from that spot, you are liable for a penalty which may include disqualification. Don’t spend 5 or 10 minutes looking for a ball you can’t play under the rules!

Other Recommendation to Speed Up Play:

·      Don’t take time to hit a provisional ball when you have the option to drop in the fairway (local rule for Ball Lost or Out of Bounds).

·      Leave the flag in while putting. This is already proving to be a big time-saver on the green.

·      If the flag is left in, others can laser their yardages from the fairway while the group ahead is putting.

·      Play ready golf. Hit your shot when you are ready and it’s safe to do so without endangering or distracting others.

·      Practice continuous putting when appropriate.

Keep in mind all of these, except search time, are recommendations we can use to speed up play and are not mandatory under the Rules of Golf. You still have other options under the rules if these don’t work in your case.

Just play expeditiously! Thank you. We can all do our part.