The 2019 Schedule of Events is currently available through the Events button on the Home page.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION from the “2019 Schedule of Events and Membership” booklet will soon be available by selecting the link at the right if you didn’t receive a booklet.

To print a Membership Application, go the the "How to Join" section where you'll find the link to the Printable Application at the bottom of the page.

As in the past, we are allowing individual play in addition to the 2-man teams. This is an effort to get more players who have been unsuccessful finding a partner. Hopefully, this may lead to individuals teaming up with a new acquaintance.

NOTE: Join by March 15 each year to receive a printed copy of the "NSGA Schedule of Events and Membership" booklet. However, a player may still join the NSGA any time during the current season to participate in any subsequent events.